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Murder Mystery
Dinner Shows
Since 1998 public shows, mystery weekends, private and company parties and fundraisers.

For 26 years we've been killing audiences one laugh at a time with mystery, comedy and music.

Murder Cafe is a traveling entertainment company based in the Hudson Valley area of New York State.

Our venues include restaurants, resorts and hotels, community rooms, theaters, casinos, country clubs and cruise boats in the region: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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A note from Frank...

When I entered the world of murder mystery dinner theater, as an actor, 27 years ago, I never thought I would be writing this. Murder Cafe exceeded all expectations and broke all previous records in 2023. In our 25th year in operation we delivered 51 performances at 24 different venues. In addition to 48 "one nighters", Murder Cafe produced mystery weekends at three major resorts. I'm thrilled to report 2024 also looks extremely promising; my new calendar has already had quite a workout. Congratulations to Murder Cafe's cast and crew for our unparalleled success in 2023 and for the ongoing support of our venues and audiences. As we enter the holiday season I remain very thankful.

- Frank Marquette, November 2023

"Just spent the weekend at Congress Hall in Cape May seeing your fabulous show! It exceeded our expectations! Wonderful performance by all the actors, we loved it! We hope you will be back in April. "

Janice Tardi

"It is a joy to see your amazing creativity come to life and I’ve hear nothing but great things from the guests about their experience."

Brian Silver,

Mohonk Mountain House

"What a great weekend, feedback from our guests was extremely positive. Murder at the Speakeasy was awesome, we'll see you again soon!"

Nicholas DiMeglio,

The Pridwin, Shelter Island

"Frank Marquette and his team of actors have no equal. Their professionalism and talent sell our shows time and time again.

Brittani Thompson,

Historic Hotel Broadalbin

Coming in February!

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The year is 1890 and Vice-President Levi Morton, and his daughter Alice, dominate Rhinebeck society. Your evening begins when the Mortons host a late winter dinner party; you'll mingle with their wealthy neighbors, John and Ava Astor, as well as law professor Percy Longfellow. You'll be fussed over by loyal butler, Horace, and fortune-hunting maid, Charlene. Katherine Kerry, a reporter for the Dutchess County Herald is on the scene, and she observes much more than glitz and gaiety when she witnesses a murder.


February 23-25, 2024

For information and tickets CLICK HERE!

Coming in March!

Talked to Death sign 10x4.5 version 1.png


It’s 1974 and you are invited to a night of entertainment and disorder as you attend a live broadcast of The Very Late Show with Les Hope. You will witness the secrets behind the scenes, and the friction between Les and her whacky guests. Someone dies on the air. Can you guess whodunit and why?


March 1 - 3, 2024

For information and tickets CLICK HERE!

For our 2024 coming attractions, click here!

Mystery Weekends 2024

Murder Cafe is expanding its mystery weekend activities beginning in February 2024. 

Each venue is presenting an original Murder Cafe production in four parts between Friday night and Sunday morning. Accommodations and meals are provided in all cases. 


Mountain House

Presenting Murder Cafe's 7th Year at Mohonk!

March 1-3, 2024

Talked to Death: a mystery set in 1974

For tickets, click here:

Congress Hall

Cape May, NJ

March 8-10, 2024

Murder at the Speakeasy

A musical murder mystery set in America's oldest seaside resort.

For reservations, click here:

The Pridwin

Shelter Island, NY

April 26-28, 2024

Music, mayhem, comedy.

For tickets, click here:

Hampton Maid

Hampton Bays, NY

October 25-27, 2024

A Halloween themed murder mystery to be announced soon!

For tickets, call: 

(631) 728-4166

What our happy audiences members are saying...

"I attended tonight's Murder Cafe performance and we had a great time! It was so much fun and the actors and actresses' performances were very good and their punch lines were funny too. The story line, the performers and audience interaction, all the clues (Even though I guessed wrong!), the Venue, food and service was all so good. I'm so glad we went. And to boot, we sat with a former coworker that I didn't know would be there and another nice, friendly family. Great time all around. The owner Frank Marquette, is an excellent talented actor, extremely friendly, genuine, honorable and respectful man! If you have a chance, go to his performances. I'm looking forward to going to their Christmas Carol performance."

- RM Henry, Kingston, New York

"First I want to thank you for such a wonderfully fun evening. We weren't sure what to expect considering it was our first in-person event in over 15 months. I can't tell you how much fun the members had. Your troupe was so professional and funny and nice. Wanted to send a big THANK YOU to you all for making the event so much fun and memorable."

-Angela Gervino, CEO, Consult Gervino HR

to the world of interactive theater.


Since 1998, Murder Cafe has been delighting audiences with our professional repertory company. Our team of talented performers brings live theater directly to you, delivering an extraordinary mix of skills and talents that are sure to impress. We specialize in original scripts, period costumes, and one-of-a-kind production design that will transport you to another time and place. With our expert marketing and publicity skills, we ensure the success of each event, whether it's a public or private show, scheduled year-round in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. You can find us performing at fundraising events, company parties, country clubs, and even casinos. Don't miss your chance to experience the thrill of live theater with Murder Cafe.

Our affiliated partners include...
503 Washington Ave., Kingston, NY
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Pine Plains, New York

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Buttermilk Falls

Inn & Spa

Milton, NY

Bannerman Island, NY

Hudson, New York

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Hopewell Junction, NY
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