2020 Shows

Although we stopped performing live once Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines were enforced in early March, we present a description of the shows Murder Cafe will have available for public, private and fundraising events once we return to our established venues.


For additional information or questions on show content or availability email: murdercafe.ny@gmail.com.

A socially safe night of entertainment.
For appropriate venues in safe zones that are at stage 3 and beyond, we have created MURDER ON BROADWAY, a musical whodunit that includes a sing-a-long. We recommend the show be staged with actors keeping their distance from the guests. Individual parties of two, four and eight will be seated at least six feet from each other. Masks will be required when guests leave their tables.
Available August, 2020.
For additional information contact Murder Cafe:
845-475-7973 or murdercafe.ny@gmail.com


An Evening of Spirited Vaudeville and Ghostly Mayhem

The year is 1927 and veteran entertainer Phineas Phibes is emceeing the Masters of Magic and Merriment Vaudeville Show. See the world’s master magician, major medium, charming clown, kiddie crooner and top thespian; they’ll astound you with their amazing acts. Beware, The Great Merlini, the evening’s headliner, is murdered by one of his own tricks – or was he? Whodunit and who will bring Merlini back from the spirit world so he can solve the mystery of his own death?

Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York hosted the world premier of MURDER BY MAGIC at their 44th annual mystery weekend, February 28-March 1. 


You’re invited to enter the glamorous and cutthroat world of karaoke competition. Someone is killing the contestants at your annual Karaoke Clash. Jock Monte Bloch will invite audience members to sing from a pre-selected playlist. The contestants competing for the trophy include punk rocker Jools, hard rocker Judd, Broadway diva Berdie Zimmerman, lounge legend Jerry Saks and America’s sweetheart April-May.


'Til Death Do We Sing is a revamping of Murder at the Mic, one of our most popular whodunits, and one that premiered in 2012. This updated version has a new murderer, new songs, and more opportunities for audience interaction. In addition to the public dates scheduled in early 2020 the show is available for company parties and fundraising events year-round..


The 1940s mysteriously come to life as hardboiled detective Archie Morgan enters Café Malta searching for an escaped con. He discovers the café owner, was murdered and his widow wants Archie to solve the crime. The new bartender, has a lot to hide. Other suspects are Laura, the cafe's lovable songbird, scamming Doctor Grimaldi and his ruthless sidekick Trigger Dolan. Enter Queen Farona an exotic dancer who was Waldo’s last lover and Private Bob Ford, a young soldier with amnesia. In order to find the guilty party Archie might need your help weeding through this group of shady suspects!


The year is 1890 and the Vanderbilts dominate Hudson Valley society. Your evening begins when Frederick and Mrs. Vanderbilt host a summer garden party; you'll mingle with their wealthy neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. John Astor IV, as well as Vassar professor Percy Longfellow. You'll be fussed over by loyal butler, Horace, and fortune-hunting maid, Charlene. Katherine Kerry, a reporter on the scene, observes much more than glitz and gaiety when she witnesses a murder.

This show can be customized for any venue that has historic significance. 


Ahoy for murder on Gilligan's Island!  The castaways become the target of a new "reality show" when TV producers and a film crew descend upon them, and - for the sake of ratings - try to pit them all against each other.  But when the castaways on Gilligan's Island start to drop dead one by one, the survivors soon realize a murder is among them - and the "reality show" is becoming far too real!  Who's bumping the castaways off one by one?  Could it be The Skipper, Mr. Howell, Ginger ... or Gilligan himself?  Join us for Gilligan's Island of Death and see if you can

figure it out!

Gilligan and the castaways will be back on THE PRIDE OF HUDSON beginning in May. They're also available for your private party or fundraising event.


Infamous bootlegger Dutch Schultz has opened a new speakeasy, the Abba Dabba Club, to give girlfriend Lu Lu a place to sing but flapper Rosie isn’t having it. You’ll dance, dine and gulp the best hooch anywhere until tempers flair, bullets rain and the law shows up. One body will fall and it doesn’t look like the Charleston did it.



A Roaring 20’s Night of Flappers, Moonshine, Mobsters and Murder now in its 4th year!


Danny Crunkle, owner of Dan-Dee-Can-Dee, is merging with Hershel Crackleberry his biggest competitor. Danny’s dinner guests include his soft son Goobar, nutty ex-wife Sister GODIVA, creamy girlfriend COCO, crunchy attorney FANNY FARMER and brittle chocolatier RUSSELL STOVER. Before your salad is served someone will poison Danny’s sweet deal and you’re either a suspect or a witness to murder!

This show can be customized for any industry. 


The Miss Ghastly Ghoul Pageant is showing signs of mold. Barnabas, the bloodsucking host, and witchy producer Hilda need to open the competition to audience members. Talent-challenged Misty and decaying diva Carrie are not happy. Chucky, the only judge, needs help from Cruella. Everyone will be fussed over by Freddie K, legendary pageant stylist. Someone will be crowned Queen of the Crypt – and someone will die trying.

Murder Cafe's 2020 Halloween murder mystery dinner show.


The famed Houdinis have agreed to host a meeting of The Ghost Club, a paranormal

investigation and research organization. Their good friends, noted author and renowned

spiritualist Arthur Conan Doyle and his wife bring along psychic medium Mina “Margery”

Crandon as the evening’s honored guest. Scientist Sir Julian Huxley and famed stage actor

William Gillette are also in attendance. All guests will be fussed over by the Houdini’s

housekeeper, Miss Alma Burke. Everyone has assembled at the Houdinis to witness Margery’s powers. Some wish to debunk her and some wish to study her. During her seance, however, somebody falls dead, and our party of paranormal pundits is left with a mystery on its hands!

New and available August 2020.


Music, Comedy and a Touch of Mayhem!

Twisted Cabaret showcases the very best in live music and comedy – a campy fusion of classic American songs with cutting edge and old-school comedy and audience interaction. This roller coaster ride of a variety show features the vocal stylings of Lydia, wickedly funny business by Jessica, keyboard wizardry by Paul Duffy and knockout punches by emcee, Frank. This hot show begins and ends with a bang. Don’t miss it!


This show can be customized for any event.

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Murder Cafe Shows Past and Present

A Merger to Die For, A Recipe to Die For, A Wedding in Transylvania, Talked to Death, Murder on the Air,

The Art of Murder, Murder Me Always, Murder by Magic, Murder at the Mic, The Night of the Witches Wedding

Murder at the Mansion, Murder by Chocolate, Gilligan's Island of Death, Murder at the High School Reunion

Haunted Halloween Beauty Pageant, Murder at the Speakeasy, My Fair Murder, Murder at Cafe Noir

Murder at the Starlight Ballroom, Twisted Cabaret, Lola's Lounge, A Haunting at the Vanderbilt

Dying to Win, The Medium is Murder and The Night of Cupid's Wedding


Mid-Hudson Valley area of New York State

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