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Here is a description of the shows we currently have available for public, private and fundraising events. Below you will also find a link to Theatre on the Road and it's 2019 schedule of shows. For additional information or questions on show content or availability send us an email: murdercafe.ny@gmail.com.


Infamous bootlegger Dutch Schultz has opened a new speakeasy, the Abba Dabba Club, to give girlfriend Lu Lu a place to sing but flapper Rosie isn’t having it. You’ll dance, dine and gulp the best hooch anywhere until tempers flair, bullets rain and the law shows up. One body will fall and it doesn’t look like the Charleston did it.



A Roaring 20’s Night of Flappers, Moonshine, Mobsters and Murder


You are asked to witness the marriage of your distant cousin Frankie Alucard to Jane Dough, a mysterious girl from the mortal side of the tracks. You'll join Count Alucard, his monstrously medicated wife Elsa, and Frankie's brother Jeckyl, or is it Hyde, as they celebrate this cursed event. Beware Renfield the caterer to the undead and Vampira, Jane's sister who spills the families secrets.. This match made in hell has three murders. Come in costume, dance and dine, and guess whodunit!

A Wedding in Transylvania, written by Frank and Kristen Marquette, made its debut in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1999. In October 2019 it's coming to a venue near you!


The year is 1890 and the Vanderbilts dominate Dutchess County society. Your evening begins when Frederick and Mrs. Vanderbilt host a summer garden party; you'll mingle with their wealthy neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. John Astor IV, as well as Vassar professor Percy Longfellow. You'll be fussed over by loyal butler, Horace, and fortune-hunting maid, Charlene. Katherine Kerry, a reporter on the scene, observes much more than glitz and gaiety when she witnesses a murder.

This show can be customized for any venue that has historic significance. 

20th Year!


It’s been 30 years since this mad group left Weede High. Unfortunately one of the graduates is a murderer. Is it the jock with a grudge? The cheerleader who settled for the wrong guy?  The science nerd with the formula for destruction? The actor with multiple personalties? Or the class president who is still running? This reunion is a night of mystery mixed with old rivalries and one you won’t forget…if you live to tell about it!


Danny Crunkle, owner of Dan-Dee-Can-Dee, is merging with Hershel Crackleberry his biggest competitor. Danny’s dinner guests include his soft son Junior, nutty ex-wife Sister Hazel, creamy girlfriend Lola, crunchy attorney Marsha Mallow and brittle chocolatier Rollo Goodbahr. Before your salad is served someone will poison Danny’s sweet deal and you’re either a suspect or a witness to murder!

This show can be customized for any industry. 


You’re invited to enter the glamorous and cutthroat world of karaoke competition. Someone is killing the contestants at your annual Karaoke Clash. Jock Monte Bloch will invite audience members to sing from a pre-selected playlist. The contestants competing for the trophy include punk rocker Jools, hard rocker Judd, Broadway diva Berdie Zimmerman, lounge legend Jerry Saks and America’s sweetheart April-May.


Now in it's 8th year, Murder at the Mic has is available for company parties and fundraising events.


Music, Comedy and a Touch of Mayhem!

Twisted Cabaret showcases the very best in live music and comedy – a campy fusion of classic American songs with cutting edge and old-school comedy and audience interaction. This roller coaster ride of a variety show features the vocal stylings of Lydia, wickedly funny business by Jessica, keyboard wizardry by Paul Duffy and knockout punches by emcee, Frank. This hot show begins and ends with a bang. Don’t miss it!


This show can be customized for any event.


Ahoy for murder on Gilligan's Island!  The castaways become the target of a new "reality show" when TV producers and a film crew descend upon them, and - for the sake of ratings - try to pit them all against each other.  But when the castaways on Gilligan's Island start to drop dead one by one, the survivors soon realize a murder is among them - and the "reality show" is becoming far too real!  Who's bumping the castaways off one by one?  Could it be The Skipper, Mr. Howell, Ginger ... or Gilligan himself?  Join us for Gilligan's Island of Death and see if you can figure it out!

Written by Kevin O'Brien for Murder Cafe, Gilligan and the castaways are available for your private party or fundraising event!


A mystery featuring The Saint premiers March 2019 at Mohonk Mountain House as part of their 43rd annual mystery weekend. 

It’s the swinging sixties and Simon Templar, a wealthy adventurer and master thief known as The Saint, has been invited to Countess Kristina’s charity ball. She wants Simon to steal her jewels; he wants her to help him bring down a mysterious mob that has made their money in dark places. Nothing is what it seems and no one is who he or she appears to be. There’s a dance, an art auction and two murders with clues and motives that lead to everyone!


The rain in Spain stays mainly on the coffin.

Can Professor Henry Higgins take a low life trailer trash and transform her into a lady at the local society ball? As we know, love can change anything -- but then again, so can murder!


In addition to our original comedy-musical, murder mystery shows, we offer staged performances of classic radio comedies and dramas. 2018 is the 80th anniversary of Orson Welles' broadcast of WAR OF THE WORLDS, a program that caused a national panic. We'll be performing it in period costume with live sound effects at The Center for Performing Arts in Rhinebeck on October 28th and at The Colony in Woodstock on Halloween night! For details call us at 845-475-7973. 


Mid-Hudson Valley area of New York State

Tel: 845.475.7973 Email: murdercafe.ny@gmail.com

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