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Our 2024 Menu of Shows

For additional information or questions on our available shows email us at

Marriage Cast 2024.jpg

Marriage Can Be Murder

Welcome to the Roman Festival of Love. Three goddesses have gathered to conjure a groom for a young maiden. During this evening of fun and fright, a sea of potions and curses will summon three unworthy grooms because the first two perish before your dinner is served. Jupiter, your godlike host, will preside over the ceremonies and Cupid, his stooge, is all too anxious to be the groom. By the time the third groom is conjured, they'll be two victims. Who spiked the spells? 


Talked to Death Mohonk set 1.jpeg

Talked to Death

It’s 1974 and you are invited to a night of entertainment and disorder as you attend a live broadcast of The Very Late Show with Les Hope. You will witness the secrets behind the scenes, and the friction between Les and her whacky guests. Someone dies on the air. Can you guess whodunit and why?


Starlight Ballroom Headshot for website.png

Mystery at the Starlight Ballroom

Welcome to the Starlight Ballroom, a popular 1940's dance hall that hosts a weekly radio show featuring the talented singer Madeline DeVore. However, amidst the glitz and glamour of the show, there is a web of jealousy, betrayal, and murder lurking behind the scenes. Donny, the show's master of ceremonies, is hopelessly in love with Madeline, but the producer Sidney Meanstreet is standing in the way. Meanwhile, studio musician Victor Olla is furious with being replaced with recorded music, and Penny, the scriptwriter, is vying for her own moment in the spotlight. As tensions rise and secrets are revealed, a body falls, and it's up to you to gather clues and solve the murder mystery. So come and experience the best in live music while immersing yourself in a thrilling night of mystery and intrigue at the Starlight Ballroom.


Haunted High School Reunion website graphic.png

Haunted High School Reunion

It's 2024, and Belfry High is hosting their 20th reunion for the graduating class of 2004. The only problem is, it seems as though the invitations were sent beyond the class of 2004, and perhaps beyond the grave! Is someone here celebrating 100 years since graduation? What about that hippie? Did that guy just step off the Titanic? They definitely did not graduate with you. Well, whoever these ghouls are, they seemed to have brought some high school drama back from the dead. It seems like everyone is still holding grudges from years ago, and someone may be left fighting for their afterlife!

Our 2024 Halloween mystery dinner show will be available for your private event or company party beginning October 1st.

Murder Mystery IMPROV SHOW!

Hosted by professional stand-up comic David Britton, this one-of-a-kind show features four actors who create a murder mystery on the spot. Working with the audience, and taking their suggestions, they create a theme, a villain and a victim, suspects with strong motives and a plot that is both hilarious and engaging. How can you miss?

Available in 2024 for your public or private event.

And, Murder Cafe's audience favorites that will never die!

Mansion Cast Feb 2024.jpg

Murder at the Mansion

The year is 1890 and the Vanderbilts dominate Hudson Valley society. Your evening begins when Frederick and Mrs. Vanderbilt host a summer garden party; you'll mingle with their wealthy neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. John Astor IV, as well as Vassar professor Percy Longfellow. You'll be fussed over by loyal butler, Horace, and fortune-hunting maid, Charlene. Katherine Kerry, a reporter on the scene, observes much more than glitz and gaiety when she witnesses a murder.

Now in its 8th year, this show is available and can be customized for any historic venue

Murder at the Mic website graphic.png

Murder at the Mic

You’re invited to enter the glamorous and cutthroat world of karaoke competition. Someone is killing the contestants at your annual Karaoke Clash. Jock Monte Bloch will invite audience members to sing from a pre-selected playlist. The contestants competing for the trophy include punk rocker Jools, hard rocker Judd, Broadway diva Berdie Zimmerman, lounge legend Jerry Saks and America’s sweetheart April-May.


Murder at the Mic is one of our most popular whodunits, and one that premiered in 2012. Perfect for your company party. 

Speakeasy Lu Lu and Rosie.jpg

Murder at the Speakeasy

Dutch Schultz has opened a speakeasy to give girlfriend Lu Lu a place to sing but flapper Rosie isn’t having it. You’ll dance, dine and gulp the best hooch anywhere until tempers flair, bullets rain and the law shows up. A body will fall and it doesn’t look like the Charleston did it.

Whodunit and why?


Murder at the Speakeasy premiered in 2017 and it continues to be one of our most requested shows. It's perfect for your company or private party. 

Scrooge and Tiny Tim 2023.jpg

A Christmas Carol

Yes, A Christmas Carol. Murder Cafe has been performing a dinner theater version of this holiday classic since 2000. Now entering its 25th year, this family show is a tribute to the spirit of a traditional holiday. You will experience the joy of Christmas as you're invited to feast with the Cratchit family including Bob, Mrs. Cratchit, Belinda and everyone‘s favorite - Tiny Tim. In scenes right of out Dickens’ classic book, you’ll be treated to visits from Ebenezer Scrooge, his Nephew Fred, the Man of Goodwill, the ghost of Jacob Marley and the three spirits of Christmas. In addition, holiday carolers will entertain at your table.

Now booking 2024 public performances.

These popular shows are always available for private company parties, fundraising events and just because!

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